Friday, March 27, 2009

Ongoing membership campaign, upcoming meeting April 29 at 1pm

Dear NFA members at UNLV,

Amidst the many updates on the legislature (on which more very soon; please consult for the latest news) I'm also writing to announce that in conjunction with the state NFA conference, we're stepping up the on-going membership drive here at UNLV. Former state president and CSN faculty member Candace Kant is going to function as a "senior advisor" for our efforts, and -- as some of you with whom I've been in touch know already -- I'm trying to put in place this spring a Faculty Alliance Outreach Chairperson and/or Committee within each college at UNLV. I'll be sending more news about that but I'm writing now to solicit from anyone who might be interested in serving on such a committee for the remainder of the spring term and the upcoming academic year, please contact me here or at 580 7798.

I'm also going to be calling a general membership meeting at which time we will hold formal elections for a newly constituted chapter board and this is scheduled tentatively for Wednesday April 29 at 1pm -- at a location on campus to be determined. My goal would be for this to be a meeting at which all members, whether you're new or a long-timer and whether you've been active or not, will plan to attend to learn what the state NFA conference has been doing to re-energize the Faculty Alliance this year and to discuss what we can do at UNLV to reinvigorate our chapter.

I'd also like to use this meeting as a moment to introduce prospective new members to the UNLV Faculty Alliance. So in addition to marking your calendar to attend on Wed April 29, I'd also like to ask each of you to invite at least one colleague who is not currently a member to attend with you.

More details on all this to follow but for now, please consult, please distribute as widely as you can that link which also includes a link to the membership form, and please mark your calendars for Wed April 29 at 1pm and invite a colleague to attend with you.

In solidarity,

Greg Brown
Interim President, UNLV Faculty Alliance
(702) 580 7798

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