Wednesday, May 27, 2009

UNLV Sense of the Senate resolution on implementation of 15.3% budget cuts

The UNLV Faculty Senate on May 19 adopted the following resolution to express the Sense of the Senate on the implementation of the 15.35% Operating Budget Reduction:

“It is the Sense of the Faculty Senate of UNLV that a 15.35% reduction of the state general operating fund should be administratively processed with adherence to the following guiding principle. Cuts to academic and nonacademic faculty compensation, mandated furloughs of faculty, and possible elimination of academic programs, should only be considered following a critical review of all administrative and academic programs according to the UNLV bylaws. Program review with an emphasis of protecting the curriculum and the quality of our academic mission must occur prior to any adjustment in faculty and professional staff employment condition.”

Vote for Approval: 34-4-6

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