Tuesday, September 8, 2009

UNLV - NFA supports striking colleagues at Oakland University in defense of tenure rights

The Oakland University (Michigan) faculty, led by its AAUP chapter, has gone on strike in its effort to negotiate a new contract with its administration. The key issues are about financial responsibility -- the administration there has proposed cuts in wages and benefits, while at the same time spending millions on a new medical school -- but also over whether newly hired faculty will be considered for tenure or instead (as the administration has proposed) be subject to term contracts.

The Oakland faculty has a series of explanations of its positions on its website and the local press has covered the negotiations and the strike extensively. The Oakland Press also has a one-question on its poll asking readers their opinion of the controversy. As of this writing, the response is 90% in favor of the faculty.

Please take the time to read about this important issue and, if you feel you agree, please voice your support for the Oakland faculty on their online forum and in the local press poll.

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