Monday, December 21, 2009

System can't make budget recommendations by Jan 5

...nor should it.

As we've discussed before, there's no rational basis for implementing budget cuts midway through the University year -- yet thats precisely what the Governor is proposing to do.

The chairman of the Board of Regents seems to agree that we can't begin to draw up budgets that would implement cuts midway through the semester.

Moreover, contrary to Gov Gibbons' claim that drawing on a line of credit is a form of "endebtedness," it would amount to doing business in a smart and fiscally prudent way. Just as many businesses, and of course the state of Nevada, use a line of credit every day for expenditures -- they don't send buckets of cash around to make purchases -- use of a line of credit to cover the current shortfall is precisely what we ought to be doing, until we can assess the true budget situation ...and if necessary implement cuts when they can be planned out, not in the middle of an academic year.

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