Thursday, February 25, 2010

Assembly straw vote to keep Higher Ed cuts to 5%

The state Assembly, meeting as the Committee-of-the-Whole, just took a show-of-hands vote on a proposal by Speaker Buckley to hold the total cuts for Higher Education to 5%.

Several Democratic legislators gave floor statements in support of Higher Ed, and of its students and faculty, while the Republican caucus leader and several other Republicans spoke against the measure, expressing concern that the state was not sufficiently setting priorities and could not afford to keep its commitments in Higher Education.

(In other words, the Republicans were unwilling to support increases in fees paid by business but were willing to allow fees paid students to be increased even more than the 40% increase already this biennium.)

The result of the show of hands was not formally but all 28 Democrats voted in favor, with no republicans voting for it.

The NFA expresses its appreciation to Speaker Buckley and the Democratic caucus for taking such a strong stand on behalf of Higher Education. Faculty, students or others who share this sentiment may want to express their support directly.

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