Sunday, March 14, 2010

Bruce James, free-market evangelist, contradicts himself by advocating a planned economy

Bruce James, who showed his judgement by investing heavily in George Bush and Jim Gibbons, and whose SAGE commission produced little that has actually helped the state or its citizens, now tells us that higher education is an "inefficient bureaucracy" and finds the prospect of students being shut out, faculty laid off and campuses closed to be ...something to celebrate.

This alone should lead us to ask, why are we listening to this guy?

And his recommendation for improvement makes even less sense.

"You would be best served by having a very clear picture of where the job opportunities are for the graduates of the future."

This would work great if we had a centrally planned economy in which we knew, now, where those jobs would be in a generation.

But his beloved private corporate sector has no idea where those jobs in the future will be, as evident by the 14% unemployment rate they've brought us.

What we need are educated citizens who can adapt to a changing world, which means they need a wide variety of skills and open minds about what they'll learn in the future, after college.

Thats precisely why college education is about building a broad base for the future. If we have a population trained in one technique or one ideology; when the economy and the world changes, we won't be able to adapt.

Bruce James has one ideology and the current situation in Nevada shows us its failed.

Those with a broad mind who are open to the future are the ones we should be listening to, not ones who think their one, failed idea will solve everything.

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