Friday, May 14, 2010

Letter from UNR-NFA concerning tenure and program review

UNR chapter president Leah Wilds, after extensive consultation with her chapter executive board, has sent a letter to UNR President Glick concerning AAUP principles and the termination of tenured faculty during a program review.

Its a thoughtful and clear letter, which is posted on the UNR chapter website.

The key point: that “the curricular review process is being used in ways that conflict with AAUP principles..."

And the key recommendation: "Central administration should make every effort to retain terminated faculty in different capacities that take advantage of their expertise and experience. “


  1. Do away with tenure. Get rid of the professors that are abusing the tenure system and maybe this state would have some money to hire real teachers and not just those who do nothing but cover their butts with legal clauses so they don't get fired even though they should fall under the same situation as anyone else in the real world. Plenty of other states are doing it and I hope NV takes a look at it soon.

  2. Be sure to get rid of the writing faculty first, since the comment above shows that clearly, we have no need for grammar in this state.

  3. "...has sent a letter a letter..."
    "Its a thoughtful and clear letter"
    President is usually capitalized when preceding a name
    I agree, clearly no need for grammar.

  4. Thanks Anonymous. Are you available to copyedit on a regular basis? I could use the help.