Thursday, May 20, 2010

NFA endorsements for primary elections

The state's ongoing financial crisis -- and the decisions made in 2011 by the state legislature and the Regents to address this crisis -- will continue to have a dramatic impact on the Nevada System of Higher Education and its faculty for years to come.

The NFA Political Action Committee therefore urges NSHE faculty, staff, students and all Nevada citizens to vote for candidates who value quality, affordable higher education and who have demonstrated the intelligence and tenacity to make a difference in 2011. We believe that the list of endorsed candidates below offers those qualities.

(Note that this is a list only of candidates endorsed on a continuing basis -- ie, past endorsees who have performed well in office -- or those who particularly stand out to warrant a pre-primary endorsement. Races not listed are ones in which we have not yet made an endorsement.)

Early voting begins this Saturday, May 22, and runs through June 5. Election day is June 8. To find where to vote visit the Clark County Department of Elections site.

Endorsed Candidates: (Those in bold face a competitive primary).

Federal Offices:
U.S. Senate Harry Reid
Congress, Dist. 2 Shelley Berkeley
Congress, District 3 Dina Titus

Statewide Offices
Nevada Governor: Rory Reid
State Treasurer Kate Marshall

District 3: Kevin Page (Las Vegas)

District 6: Mike Wixom (Las Vegas)
District 7: Ray Rawson (Las Vegas)

District 8: Kevin Melcher (Rural)

District 11: Jason Geddes (Reno)

District 12: Andrea Anderson (Las Vegas)

District 13:James Dean Leavitt (Las Vegas)

State Senate
SD 1 Sheila Leslie (Reno)
SD 2 Mo Denis (Las Vegas)
SD 5 Joyce Woodhouse (Las Vegas)
SD 7 Kathy McClain (Las Vegas)

SD 8 Tammy Peterson (Las Vegas)

SD 10 Ruben Kihuen (Las Vegas)

State Assembly
AD1 Marilyn Kilpatrick (Las Vegas)
AD3 Peggy Pierce (Las Vegas)
AD 5 Marilyn Dondero Loop (Las Vegas)
AD 6 Harvey Munford (Las Vegas)
AD 9 Richard “Tick” Segerblom (Las Vegas)
AD 10 Joe Hogan (Las Vegas)
AD 12 James Ohrenschall (Las Vegas)
AD 14 Maggie Carlton (Las Vegas)
AD 16 John Oceguera (Las Vegas)
AD 17 Kelvin Atkinson (Las Vegas)
AD 18 Venicia Considine (Las Vegas)

AD 21 Ellen Barr Spiegel (Las Vegas)
AD 24 David Bobzien (Reno)
AD 26 Randy Kirner (Reno)

AD 30 Debbie Smith (Sparks)
AD 32 Jodi Stephens (Sparks-rural)

AD 34 William Horne (Las Vegas)
AD 35 Pete Goicoechea (Rural)
AD 37 Marcus Conklin (Las Vegas)
AD 38 Tom Grady (Rural)
AB 41 Paul Aizley (Las Vegas)

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