Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Nevada "business climate": Two Views

The rosy-tinged ideological view: The Tax Foundation (boosted by the Review-Journal) looks at our nearly non-existent business tax base and finds the climate "enviable." Ignoring real-world realities of over 15% unemployment 75% of homeowners in Clark County owing more than the worth of their homes, the Tax Foundation offers a Tinkerbell solution: clap louder. (Or, as the Tax Foundation put it, in response to a question about the prospect of a $3 billion shortfall for vital public services: "Times will get better...As the economy improves, the state is well-positioned...." Thus, by measuring only how little corporations are asked to contribute, the Tax Foundation finds Nevada to be in great shape.

The practical view: The CNBC business news network looks at 40 indicators in 10 categories, including education (in which Nevada ranked 49th ...). Overall, CNBC ranks Nevada the 47th-best state in which to do business.

As reported in the Sun:

CNBC used test scores, the number of higher education institutions, class sizes and spending on education to rank each state’s schools. Education is important to businesses because it creates a strong base from which to recruit

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