Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sandoval proposes 5% pay cut for state employees, but also "budget autonomy" for NSHE

The Sun is reporting that Governor Sandoval has announced a 5% cut in state public service worker pay in a letter sent today to state employees. Its not clear that it was sent to NSHE workers, nor is it clear if it would apply to us -- depending on how much budget autonomy the System (or as the Governor refers to it, "the universities") will be granted if his plan is implemented.

According to the Nevada News Bureau

As part of his budget, the governor may recommend a statutory change to allow colleges and universities more authority to manage their budgets with a lesser degree of legislative control, said Dale Erquiaga, the governor’s senior advisor.

So it could be that the pay cut would not be required of the Board, and the Regents would be able to decide whether to implement it or not, under their new authority.

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