Monday, February 14, 2011

Business leaders contradict Governor about what business needs

An interesting story today on the increasingly must-read Nevada News Bureau website, under the headline "Business Leaders Say Low Taxes Not Enough."

At a meeting of high-tech business executives, Governor Sandoval "said that the state’s education system rarely comes up in conversations with business executives."

However, "Business leaders from several large technology companies said today that Nevada lacks the skilled workforce necessary for them to locate in Nevada over the long-term." Moreover, these same leaders specified the need for the state population to attain higher levels of higher education, at community colleges and/or universities. One of the attendees, Devin Whitney, a lobbyist for high-tech companies, testified later in the day at a legislative hearing.

He praised Nevada’s low taxes, but said they weren’t enough to attract the businesses he represents.

“What is still lacking is the skilled workforce,” he said. “That requires the appropriate investment in the education system to make sure they are churning out graduates.

So is it time to begin to refer to Nevada's "anti-business Governor"?

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  1. Let's face it. Republican Governors all across the country are using the financial crisis to promote their own social agenda. Unions, social programs, education are all being rolled back because it is part of the far right's vision of a country with two classes and two classes only; the rich and those that serve the rich.