Friday, February 18, 2011

NFA Carson City update

While most of the news this week has been focused on the potential for a declaration of financial exigency at UNLV, here is an update from snowy Carson City by Jim Richardson on important hearings coming up next week concerning NSHE and PEBP and links to news stories of interest in today's papers

Next week will be busy with hearings on PEBP budget to joint General government subcommittees Wednesday morning and a presentation by Chancellor Klaich on Wednesday afternoon to the joint Education committees. Also, there is a PEBP Board meeting on Thursday where rates will be set for the coming year. There are links to several articles of interest. Note particularly the first one, dealing with Assemblywoman Peggy Pierce's effort to make the Legislature discuss taxes and revenues.





Here is an informative story about one Democrat, Peggy Pierce (a NFA PAC endorsee) who has submitted bills dealing with changes in the tax statues. Her email is if you want to write her expressing support and appreciation. She gets it!.



Here is personalized story from Reno News and review about the town Hall meeting President Milt Glick had last week at UNR.


Here is an Appeal story about the hit on counties with the governor's budget. One of those hits is to move revenues from  9 cents of the property tax to NSHE institutions, generating $121 million. Without those funds the cut from this year' state support for NSHE would be $383 million. Stunning but true. So the governor has managed to pit the counties against the NSHE budget…



Here is a very interesting story about some quite conservative legislators joining with some liberal one to change the eminent domain law in Nevada


And here is a fun story about Jim Rogers, our former Chancellor, taking up tweeting (fun unless he has tweeted about you!).



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