Friday, March 25, 2011

NFA statement on passage of SB231 by Senate Government Operations Committee

Public safety directors on all 8 NSHE campuses oppose this bill as do the sheriffs across the state. Its an unecessary mandate by the state imposing new limitations on policies in place.

This law would force campus presidents to suppress all commonsense oversight already in place. Current law ensures that if guns are carried secretly on campus, it is done safely and in colnsultation with public safety officers. This law is unnecessary and would weaken, not strengthen, safety on campuses.

The real security crisis on college campuses is securing Nevada's future by ensuring a balanced solution that invests in economic development through higher education.


  1. I disagree. There has already been one UNR employee defend herself with a gun she shouldn't have legally had on her person. Others leave guns locked in cars where they are not supposed to be on campus and are subject to theft. At least one I know of carries anyway.

    People in NV with CCW permits aren't the people involved in gun crimes. They are, however, exercising their 2nd amendment rights and the current law violates that right. While I am not likely to carry on campus, I wholeheartedly support the bill.

    NFA needs to actually represent all faculty not just the ultra-liberal set that they tend to represent. It might even increase membership.

  2. Fair enough. In this case, our entire state board opposes the bill, and our board is by no means "ultra-liberal." Nor are the campus public safety officers, who all oppose this bill.

  3. I'd class them all as liberal to ultra-liberal. The DA for both Clark county and Wahsoe County support the bill. Either of them have a better idea what's going on than any of the campus public safety directors or the NFA board.

    NFA's common liberal stands on any issue that comes by are one reason it's hard for NFA to recruit and a good part of why many faculty won't join.

  4. Where can I find the vote which states all state board members oppose this bill? Also where is the vote which states all campus public safety officers oppose this bill.

    I am trying to keep this respectful, but until I see where this data is I will assume the above statements are just "band-wagon" tactics.

    P.S. Different Anonymous then the above posts.