Monday, March 7, 2011

UNR notifies 150 of possible layoff, proposes to cut 4 academic depts

UNR President Glick notified his campus today that he will propose at Friday's Board of Regents meeting a plan to cut $26 million (which is only half of the reduction for UNR in the Governor's proposed budget).

This plan, which he described in a letter to the campus, would cut 260 positions of which 150 are currently filled and would require layoffs.

The only academic programs specified in this proposal are the School of Social Work, French, Theater and Dance, whose faculty would be laid off, through a process of curricular review.

The remainder of the cut would be achieved through reduction in facilities management, information technology, student services, library and other support functions.

UNLV's president and other campus presidents in the NSHE system will also present specific plans at Friday's Board meeting. CSN President Michael Richards today told his campus his plan to cut $27 million would not involve faculty layoffs.

Its hard at this point to say more than this is likely to be the worst week in history for Nevada's university faculty and staff. And it seems likely to be only downhill from here.

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