Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Full NSHE budet cut report released

The full response of the Nevada System of Higher Education to the state legislative budget subcommittees request for detailed information about the impact that the Governor's budget would have on each institution of higher education, has been released to the LV Sun.

The 200-page report includes detailed information on the cuts each campus would implement -- in dollar amounts, numbers of positions, numbers of programs, and students impacted. Some of this has already been released publicly (UNLV here; UNR here), but this report includes detailed budget cut plans for all NSHE institutions.

It also includes information sought by the legislative subcommittees on a range of topics:
  • expenditure per student FTE on each campus
  • reports from potentially affected institutions on the potential savings and on the educational impact of consolidating campus administrations.
  • budget cuts for the System Administration
  • potential savings from streamlining of business operations recommended by the Efficiency and Effectiveness Task Force
  • reports from each campus on numbers of students unable to enroll for courses during the past year due to previous budget cuts
  • state expenditure for inter-collegiate athletics relative to instruction
  • expenditure for and impact of the Health Sciences Campus
The format makes it very difficult to read but faculty should try to review this material carefully to understand some of the issues to be discussed at Friday's Board of Regents meeting.


  1. I notice that NSC cuts absolutely nothing except more vacant lines that have never been filled.

  2. That is not true. NSC is cutting positions that are currently filled with temporary full time faculty.