Monday, April 25, 2011

Legislative update: SB 231 referred to Finance Committee

Today the full Senate heard a second reading of SB 231, the bill that impose a mandate on NSHE to rescind all oversight of the carrying of concealed weapons on campuses.

The NFA has expressed its opposition to this bill as unnecessary to ensure campus safety or to protect the rights of CCW permit holders, as potentially dangerous and as an encroachment on the authority of the board of regents.

The bill was amended by the full Senate to exempt events held on campuses at which more than 1000 people attend and to ensure some gun safety policies are set for parking lots and dormitories on campuses.

The bill was then referred to the Finance Committee to consider its potential fiscal impact on the state and especially on NSHE campuses, which would have to revise public safety policies and retrain public safety officers.

Note also that last Friday an attempt to add the same language to an Assembly Bill was defeated by a 26-16 vote in the Assembly.

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