Sunday, April 24, 2011

Nevada Higher Education Students, Faculty to focus advocacy this week on Sen. Michael Roberson

The Nevada Student Alliance has begun a terrific program, called "Legislator of the week" to focus efforts on one important legislator each week. This week they are asking us to contact Senator Roberson by phone and email; ask him to set aside ideology and come to the table to find a balanced solution that secures Nevada's future.

Here's the specifics from the Nevada Student Alliance:

1) Since 2007, the Nevada System of Higher Education has absorbed cuts at a level that is disproportionately higher than other state agencies. A loss of $100 million in funding to just UNLV (since 2007) will make it impossible to fulfill our mission.

2) Taxes that are sunsetting this year will create an additional hole of $640 million to our state budget (for a total shortfall of $1.1 billion). Will you (Senator Roberson) support the renewal of these sunsets to lessen the cuts to education?

3) Nevada has made cuts to its operating budget for the past 4 years. Will you (Senator Roberson) support revenue solutions to balance the state's budget? (If no, let him know that as a voter and tax payer, you support revenue solutions)

What to do:

1) Please make two phone calls, and write one email to Senator Roberson. It is perfectly acceptable to use the same message points for all three communications. Use your personal cell phone and email address to make these contacts - do not use school resources to do this. If the telephone calls go to voice mail, LEAVE A MESSAGE! You may also text a message to the first number.
Telephone number 1: 702-612-6929 (You may also text a message to this number)
Telephone number 2: 775-684-1481
Email address:

2) If you live in Senator Roberson's district, please make a point of telling
him so. If you are unsure, check this map:

3) After making the calls and emails, please let us know. Report your contacts here: Please include your institution, when you contacted the senator, and the outcome of any such called (spoke to him, he agrees... spoke to him, he disagrees... left message... etc.)
It may be worth noting that during Friday's Senate floor discussion of the NSHE budget, Senator Roberson complained that the business leaders who testified in support of adequate funding for higher education and expressed support for extending the 2009 revenue package were ignoring the concerns of small businesses. This was clearly a knee-jerk, ideological reaction, because the reality is that the 2009 revenue package reduced the Modified Business Tax on small businesses. So when you call, ask Senator Roberson to set aside ideological instincts and come to the table to seek out practical solutions that will help the state overcome its boom-and-bust cycles of the past and establish a secure basis for the future.

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    Any of this money trickle down to you. . . or did it only trickle to the rural Republicans that Sandoval needs votes from?

    Angie Sullivan