Thursday, May 5, 2011

A choice for Nevada

This week we've seen two different interpretations of the Economic Forum report on the state budget.

The Governor has interpreted the report as a sign that there's nothing to fix and we should continue doing more of the same "cut-your-way" out approach to the recession. He has proposed only pennies per dollar in public investment for our colleges and universities.

The Democratic alternative released today provides a basis for a different discussion: a revenue reform that would help secure a stable future for the state instead of continued boom-and-bust cycles of the past. This plan includes a balance of cuts -- it still reduces state support for NSHE by another 10% from the 2009 budget -- with shared sacrifice -- it still relies in tuition and fee increases for students and their families -- with an adequate state investment, including an additional $123 million for higher education.

We now join with all concerned citizens to call for lawmakers to set aside ideologies, political agendas and preconceived notions and work together to resolve our budget crisis in a balanced way. We believe the Democratic plan provides a sound basis for such a discussion of how to compromise.

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