Monday, May 23, 2011

Higher Ed budget to be reopened at same time revenue reform is discussed

Tomorrow, Tuesday the 24th, the joint budget committees will reopen the NSHE budget, which was closed last week. While some are all-but-celebrating this as a sign that the Sandoval plan to continue with our nineteenth-century economy is about to prevail, its noteworthy that a nearly simultaneous hearing of the Assembly Taxation committee will consider further the "margin tax," a proposed reform of the state's antiquated and much-hated Modified Business Tax.

So at about 9am tomorrow we should start to know whether or not the state will opt for the Sandoval option of more of the same boom and bust or whether a different path away from our current, hostile business climate and towards a more stable, prosperous future and better quality of life remains open.

If you are concerned about that choice, this afternoon and tomorrow morning may be your last chance to contact key legislators and tell them how important it is for the state legislature to find a balance between revenue reform and cuts to essential services.

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