Monday, May 9, 2011

RJ series on risk to Nevada of sustained Higher Education cuts

It had seemed many in the Las Vegas media had grown bored with covering the higher education budget crisis in the past few weeks, but this week the Review Journal is running a series of big picture stories on how the three tiers of the System are handling the current cuts and prospective deeper ones.

Yesterday they ran a long story on UNR and UNLV losing potentially dozens of degree programs and 1/8 of its current faculty and today there's an excellent, in-depth story on the risk to the state of cutting deeply at Nevada State College, which serves hundreds of students from families that have never gone to college previously -- and which plays a central role in the System's strategic plan to ensure access to quality affordable higher education.

Tomorrow is scheduled to run a story on the College of Southern Nevada and the state's other two-year colleges, which provide access to thousands of students seeking retraining and are crucial gateways for increasing our state's paltry and economy-killing low rates of college participation.

Lets hope Senators and Assembly members who will meet again this week to address the nearly $150 million hole in the NSHE budget will read these important stories.

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