Wednesday, June 8, 2011

UNLV Town Hall liveblog

President Smatresk opens campus town hall before packed Student Union theater: "Its been a tough year ...tried many of us ..." Thanks to campus for having faith in what we do and to the region for valuing what we do."

Will present an administrative proposal to be consulted by faculty consistent with UNLV by-laws.

UNLV total cut in state support for coming biennium is $20,594,313. The resulting state allocation for UNLV is $135,911,9454 reduced from $156,506,258 in 2010-2011 biennium.

NSHE total cut is $85,560,561 for a total state general fund allocation of $472,379,729 from $557,940,290 state general fund support in 2010-2011.

In short, a 15% cut.

Of the $20.5 cut from UNLV, roughly $5.4 is accounted for by reduction in salary for tenured faculty (the reduction for classified, professional staff and untenured faculty mostly being absorbed already in prior biennium).

The result is a cut of $15.26, of which $9.2 will be cut from academic areas, representing 97.5 state-funded positions in academic areas. A total of 215 state-funded positions will be cut from the campus.

"This will result in real pain and real people will lose their jobs."

9 Departments, 18 degree programs will be eliminated. 48 positions in academic lost through voluntary retirements.

86 academic positions cut beyond voluntary retirements include 14 positions from College of Ed, 9.5 positions from Liberal Arts, 9 positions from Fine Arts, 9 positions from Urban Affairs, 8 positions from Business, 6 positions from Sciences, 5 positions from Engineering, 5 positions from Hotel and 2 positions from Community Health.

This plan will avoid termination of tenured faculty and could avoid involuntary separation of faculty, though final details not clear yet.

Program terminations and college reorganizations will be consulted through Academic Council, Faculty Senate Program and New Program Priority Committee, and Presidential Advisory Committee (to consider impact on diversity).

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