Friday, May 8, 2009

Reading tea leaves

The joint subcommittee hearing at which the NSHE budget is scheduled to be closed should be starting about now (it can be viewed here , pc only no mac). As of last night, we're told, the legislative leaders had not finished their work -- and from the blank seats visible in the committee room, they may still not have, as of this writing.)

The RJ, in its story about the Governor's "alternative budget," suggests the Higher Ed budget will be cut by "only" 11%, and Chancellor Rogers told Jon Ralston he was still hoping for a cut in the "single digits."

The word we're getting from the higher-ups is for "everyone to remain calm" and not "over-react."

Which reminds me of a scene from one of my favorite films, Airplane.

Update: The RGJ reports negotiations still under way.

Update 2: Looks like they've called the hearing off. The room is cleared. Lots of visible head-shaking and grimacing.

Update 3: They're back.

Final update: No deal, no hearing, no budget.

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