Thursday, May 7, 2009

Urgent : contact legislators today on behalf of higher education

NFA members, faculty and all concerned with Higher Education,

We're hearing from Carson that the negotiations are taking place now -- today, Thursday May 7 -- to close the NSHE budget and the numbers under discussion are too low to save us from the most dire consequences. Business is pushing back hard against the taxes that the legislature needs to fund Higher Ed adequately, and our community needs to weigh in.

Please contact your state legislators today and let them know that we have shouldered our burden and are willing to meet the challenge of educating more students even better for less money, but that this burden must be shared by others including business who have a big investment in the future of the state's education system.

Key legislators to contact:

Speaker Barbara Buckley

Assemblyman Morse Arberry, Chair of Ways & Means

Assemblywoman Heidi Gansert, Minority Leader

Senator Steven Horsford, Senate majority Leader

Senator Bernice Matthews, co-chair Finance Committee

Senator William Raggio, Minority Leader

Senator Warren Hardy


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  2. It's not only the faculty that is hurting but support staff as well. What is a custodian going to do when they are at the low end of the totem pole and only make between 25-30,000 a year? What are the AA's I and II's going to do who make slightly more than the custodians? Why should educators and support staff be made to bear the state's burden on our backs? With budget cuts many more homes will go into repossession and what good does that do the economy. It is self perpetuating! Please, take a moment and write your legislators. Susan Summers

  3. I would love to write my legislatures, but what could I say that they would listen to? They aren't listening to people like me who are poor and powerless. What I want is a list of the businesses who are refusing to share the burden to support Nevada and Nevadans. Then I want to refuse to support those businesses by boycotting them, and letting them know why I am doing so.
    Lee Bradley