Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Work Goes On (2)

As I noted yesterday morning, in a time of what appears to be upheaval, the main work of the university continues to be done -- by the faculty, the admin, the students -- in the same professional, diligent and conscientious manner. While it is clearly a sensitive moment for UNLV, the NFA is working with all other university constituencies to help do what we can to ensure steady continuation.

Today the Chancellor and Board of Regents begin their consultations with various faculty and administrative groups, including the Faculty Senate today at 12:45. Among other campus groups, the NFA will be consulting with Chancellor Klaich and Chairman Leavitt.

We welcome them to campus. Faculty, including but not limited to NFA members, are encouraged to voice their concerns at today's Senate meeting and should feel free to provide input to the NFA leadership, here on the blog or directly. We believe that at this time, it is of the utmost importance that everyone do all they can to continue to work professionally, diligently and conscientiously, and this includes our responsibility as faculty to provide thoughtful input and support to the process of selecting an interim president and the larger -- and more important -- process of moving UNLV forward.

Finally, its worth nothing that while there has been no small speculation about the situation in which UNLV will find itself within the System, there is an important and very positive development reported in yesterday's Reno Gazette-Journal -- that the System leadership is planning to undertake a study of funding formulas before the next legislative session. Among the issue to be discussed, according to this report (and this is particularly welcome news for UNLV), is whether the research universities in the System should be funded on the same per-student basis as the colleges. Please read past the headline, which does not actually capture the big news of the story.

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