Tuesday, March 2, 2010

UNLV Town Hall: Smatresk affirms "we will respect" faculty rights

At the townhall meeting this afternoon, President Smatresk laid out further details on the budget situation, UNLV's plans and the anticipated next round of program review. The key point, for faculty, was that he said unambiguously that for any faculty whose programs are terminated, "we will respect notification periods and we will respect tenure." An important, and appreciated, statement.

He also reiterated that the list of programs that has been circulated as a starting point is only a starting point, that all programs could be taken off or added to the list for review, that all programs on the list for review will be vetted fully by the ad hoc program review committee (whose faculty members will be elected by the Senate next week) as well as the Faculty Senate Program Review and Priority Committee (whose faculty members will be elected by Colleges in the near future).

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