Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sharon Angle would cut Pell Grants for thousands of NV families

Tonight in her debate with Senator Reid, Sharon Angle once again made clear she would eliminate federal Pell Grants which help thousands of families pay for college. Not only that, she made clear that she would end the significant increase in Pell Grants for Nevada famliies Harry Reid has gotten passed.

The Stimulus bill, which she mocked, invested an additional $30,094,674 for Pell Grant scholarships to NV families paying college tuition. Thats approximately 6000 families who got help paying for college this year alone. Sharon Angle would have left those families on their own.

The Student Aid Financial Reform and Accountability Act, which she said she'd seek to repeal, will invest an additional $118,946,972 for Nevada families with college students over 10 years for Pell Grant scholarships. That represents nearly 25,000 additional scholarships in Nevada which will help families prepare for new jobs and new careers in the future. Sharon Angle would cut off that opportunity for thousands of families.

(Source: House Education and Labor website and White House Fact Sheet on Pell Grants)

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