Monday, November 29, 2010

Chancellor's letter concerning proposed PEBP cuts

The NSHE Chancellor's Task Force on health insurance is expected to be making recommendations soon to the Chancellor on the proposed overhaul of PEBP. In the meantime, this letter from Chancellor Klaich to the PEBP Board (PDF) lays out a series of very significant questions that need to be addressed.

The PEBP Board next meets this Thursday, December 2, at 9am. Public comment concerning the plan design for the forthcoming budget year (2011-2012) is on the agenda, and proceedings can be followed via live streaming audio.


  1. I am very grateful to Chancellor Klaich for his efforts on our behalf.

  2. I too am very grateful. I have written about all this, therefore voicing my opinion but I think its important to have someone in power sort of speak to represent us and make someone listen so I'm glad for his written support.

  3. Thank you Chancellor Klaich for advocating for those of us dependent upon PEBP for our medical coverage. Generous benefits at UNLV were one of the reasons I relocated my family to Las Vegas. Now I am seeking a job elsewhere due to concerns about cuts in medical coverage. Cuts in pay, cost of living allowances, and retirement benefits were unfortunate but tolerable. But cutting health benefits in troubled economic times is too much.