Thursday, December 2, 2010

Sondra Cosgrove reports from today's PEBP meeting

CSN chapter president Sondra Cosgrove reports from today's PEBP Board meeting:

The Board first discussed the changes to the plan made at the July meeting in relation to IRS requirements for high deductable plans and to concerns that the Board felt needed to be clarified. The Board voted to ensure that an individual could solely meet the family deductible; to ensure that both the deductable and the coinsurance payments would be used to ca\lculate the out-of-pocket maximum (instead of just the co-insurance as it is now); to synchronize contribution and credit disbursements to HSA and HRA accounts; to provide COBRA participants with HRA credits instead of HSA contributions and require COBRA participants to maintain dental coverage; and to terminate HRA accounts six months after a participant transfers to another plan or dies (this way any claims from services provided in the end part of the plan would be paid, but the possibility of bogus claims being paid would be reduced).

The Board voted to put out an RFP for a dental plan employees could purchase on their own to make up for the eliminated dental benefits.

She also reports that the letter stating concerns of NSHE was read but the questions it raised were not addressed by the PEBP Board.


  1. Definitely time to get rid of the PEBP Board. Their practices are archaic and self-serving. No reason why the county and the school district are provided better benefits than state workers. NSHE could do much better.

  2. I can buy a major medical plan for half the price PEBP came up with. Why is it that private companies have better plans for alot less MONEY?