Friday, March 4, 2011

Former GOP Assemblyman Carpenter proposes rural county sales tax to fund Great Basin College

We don't see the likes of John Carpenter too much among today's Assembly Republicans -- unideological, resolutely practical, active advocate for his constituents in Elko. And willing to say the obvious -- that a valuable local resource like Great Basin College ought to be supported by the local community. Thats why most of the country calls them community colleges.

He urged the Elko County Commission to form a committee of community leaders to consider ways to save GBC, including the idea of a county sales tax surcharge to fund it.

Interesting that this is reported the day after Senator Horsford asked an obvious, but still unanswered question -- why does Governor Sandoval's budget proposal divert property tax revenues from Clark and Washoe counties to higher ed but not county revenues from the rest of the state, which are also served by higher ed (at a significantly higher cost per student ratio)?

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