Friday, March 4, 2011

Update from UNLV Faculty Senate chair on exigency review

UNLV Faculty Senate chair (and NFA member) Cecilia Maldonado sent this statement to the faculty and campus community this afternoon. We repost it here in its entirety.


Several weeks ago at our Faculty Senate meeting, President Smatresk announced the formation of the Faculty Advisory Committee. This committee, according to the UNLV Bylaws Chapter III, Section 19.4, is formed when the Chancellor informs the president of the possibility of a financial exigency. The duties of this committee are defined by the bylaws as responsible for finding all possible ways of averting a financial exigency. The committee members include the current executive committee of the Faculty Senate, and the chairs of both the Priority and New Programs Committee and the Professional Staff Council. I have also invited the chair of the Classified Staff Council to join us as an ex-officio member.

We are actively involved in the budget cut process. Currently, we're reviewing the over 400 suggestions we've received from the campus community and will be providing a summary to the president. THANK YOU to those who took the time to consider our fiscal situation and submit ideas for cost savings to the campus. This committee also expects to be confidentially briefed on the preliminary cut plans proposed by the Deans.

We, the committee, continue to advocate for faculty consultation during this process. I am committed to keeping the process transparent and will keep you informed as further developments occur.

Thank you and I wish you a wonderful weekend!


Faculty Senate Chair

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