Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Governor proposes $60m in "add-backs" to budget, 0 for higher education

Governor Sandoval today, in anticipation of an Economic Forum report next week that is expected to anticipate slightly higher revenue estimates, announced over $60 million in "add-backs" to his budget proposal -- ie proposals to restore funding that he had recommended to be cut. The proposed "add-backs" are entirely for mental health and emergency medical services in rural Nevada.

While these are crucial services, to be sure, and fully deserving of public money, it is stunning that the Governor continues to seek property tax transfers (from local services to state budget) only for Clark and Washoe counties and yet finds no reason whatsoever to consider additional funding for any education at all, least of all in those urban counties.

Senate Majority Leader Steven Horsford had this to say:

“It is good to see the governor take an interest in critical programs like autism treatment, elder protective services, and emergency medical services. I invite the governor to [Las Vegas] so he can learn how his budget adversely impacts the children, families and working poor of southern Nevada.”

“The governor is trying to cut deals to get votes. Instead he should reach out to everyone who is going to feel the consequences of his budget. His plan undermines our children's futures, neglects medical services for our seniors, and ignores the unemployed that seek retraining at our public colleges so they can return to work.”

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