Thursday, May 26, 2011

And on it goes

Late-breaking development: Gov Sandoval todayagreed to support an extension of the "sunset taxes" .

However he did this in response to a court ruling invalidating the transfer of bonded reserves from local to state government coffers. This means there is a new hole to be filled from the additional revenue -- including potentially the $120 million in the NSHE budget that had been slated to be transferred from Clark and Washoe property tax revenues to UNLV and UNR under the Governor's budget proposal.

So the "end game" is by no means over. The key now is to ensure that the state invests at least an additional $80m of revenue above the original Sandoval budget to NSHE -- including potentially replacing the anticipated $120m of property tax revenue from the counties.

So the message for us is: keep calling and writing the legislature!

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