Saturday, May 28, 2011

NFA reiterates opposition to SB 231

The NFA has sent the following letter to all state Senators and urges its members and all faculty and staff who are concerned with campus safety to communicate their concerns on this bill to the legislature.
Dear Senator

The Nevada Faculty Alliance, as well as all the public safety directors on all NSHE campuses and police sheriffs of all localities where an NSHE campus is located, oppose SB 231. We have submitted public testimony against it which you may consult here

Although we like everyone else are concerned first and foremost the budget crisis, I would like to emphasize to you how broad and deep the opposition of all faculty members I have consulted is to this bill. In particular I'd draw your attention to the opposition expressed by my colleagues in Criminal Justice, William Sosa and Therence Miethe, who are both experts in police procedure and crime and who wrote a lengthy piece on the bill in the most recent issue of the NFA Alliance which has been sent to you and which you can consult here

We urge you to oppose this bill when it comes to the Senate floor

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