Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Simplified info on pay cut action

Just by way of clarification, there was some confusion this morning about what the legislative budget subcommittees had done. Its now a bit clearer that its a 4.8% reduction in pay from 2009 levels -- 2.5% for everybody as a reduction in base pay (from 2009 levels) and 6 unpaid furlough days (equivalent to 2.3% of salary), which would not be deducted from retirement compensation for those who take the furlough.

Those not subject to furlough will take a 4.8% reduction in base pay, and the entire 4.8% would be reduced from retirement contributions.

The furlough clearly would apply to classified and professional staff. There is a question as to whether faculty will be able to qualify for the furlough and thus have base pay reduced to only 97.5% of 2009 levels.

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  1. Nevada faculty are not being paid well enough to start with. Rather than cutting their salaries further and save a little, why can't NFA and the faculty/students go after the over-bloated administration. What do these people do for EDUCATION per se that they deserve these high salaries- I mean ALL ADMINISTRATORS. What do they ADMINISTER? in my opinion their own interests. Do they really understand HIGHER EDUCATION? I wonder if they will make that much in the open market if some of them are not being pampered and taken care of by politician.