Tuesday, May 3, 2011

UNR budget cut plan detailed

The committee charged by the UNR Faculty Senate to review the first round of budget cut proposals has released its report including its recommendations to the full Faculty Senate.

This plan includes steep cuts to UNR's Cooperative Extension program, which cushions the blow somewhat on academic units on the main campus but will have a deep impact on non-degree educational opportunities across the state, especially in rural counties.

It also cuts deeply into research programs in Mines and Geology and Energy and Environment.

And it eliminates the School of Social Work and the Departments of Dance, Theater and French. (With the elimination of French at UNR, the entire state will have only one full-time academic faculty member in French at UNLV.)

It also closes the Special Collections of the library.


  1. Included in the report: On March 8, 2011, both Social Work and Energy and Environmental Sciences were removed from the program eliminations and Special Collections of the Library has signed an MOA with the Provost, which keeps special collections and archives open.
    The Faculty Senate deliberated on the remaining proposals today and recommendations will be sent to the President's office.

  2. Read the document!! The provost rescinded the proposal to close Social Work and agreed to an MOU that keeps Special Collections. And the Senate committee has recommended alternative proposals to keep Theater and French.

  3. The document also didn't recommend the elimination of theatre, just dance. Yesterday at their meeting they voted to NOT eliminate dance but accept the department's proposal that downsizes both theatre and dance.

  4. What is a highly paid economics professor doing at the Fleishman Planetorium?
    Hiding out?